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Experienced in designing and developing applications on the different platform OS and cooperating with partners to get the work done quickly and stably by using tools such like Git and project-management software.

Programming capability with C/C++ for many years, and designing applications in OOP way for many projects.


Project Experience

The software architecture design and implementation of projects:

  • Software Application: E-book reader on Ubuntu, Meego, Linpus Lite and Android.
  • Software Application: Customer relationship management (CRM) PikaCRM on both Linux and Windows.
  • Software Application: Connection Manager with 3G modems on both Linux and Windows.
  • Software Application: Evaluation Software with 3G modems by using AT Commands on Windows.
  • Software Application: SMS Application on Brew System.

  • Project Laboratory: Design and Implementation of assistant course web for I-Shou University
  • Computer Graphics: A game "Space Shuttle" by using OpenGl.

Other Project Experience:

  • Information Security: Euclidean Vector Public-key cryptography algorithm design
  • Data-base System: Design of On-line Course Registration System for a class of I-Shou University.
  • System Management: Linux Servers Deployed and Management. (Web, Revision control, Project management or Backup servers)

Work Experience

Software Engineer

Linpus Technologies, INC. Taipei, Taiwan. Dec. 2010 ~ Mar. 2012

- Using Qt framework to develop the e-book reader on Ubuntu, Meego, Linpus Lite and Android.
- Using Qml to develop a music widget for MeeGo Tablet Edition

Freelance coder

Mar. 2010 ~ Dec. 2010

- Using Ultimate++ framework based on C++ to make PikaCRM.
- Passing the OCUP Fundamental Level Certification.
- Getting some software cases in C++.

Senior Software Engineer III

Inventec Corporation. Taipei, Taiwan. Feb. 2009 ~ Mar. 2010

- Support developing the Twitter client using C# on Windows Mobile for an ODM phone.
- Develop two applications, SMS and SlideShow on BREW platform in pure C.
- Establishing and managing the Git and Redmine (a project-management software) server.

Software Engineer

Inventec Corporation. Taipei, Taiwan. Feb. 2008 ~ Feb. 2009

- Using C++ to develop evaluation applications for supporting multiform 3G modems sold in Japan.
- Using C++ to develop the cross-platform Modem Connection Manager accompanied with 3G data card.

Technical Skills

  1. Programming
    • Languages: C, C++, PHP, QML, shell script
    • Libraries: STL, Boost, Qt, OpenGL, Ultimate++, Regular Expression
    • Designs: Design patterns, OOP (Object-oriented programming), Exception Handling
  2. Computer Graphics
    • Digital Image Processing
    • Pattern Recognition
    • Three-Dimensional Model
  3. Information Security
    • Cryptography System
    • Watermark and Information Hiding
    • Linux Firewall Management
  4. Network Application
    • Server Setup
    • Dynamic Web Site Design and Development
    • 3G Modem Operations with AT Commands
  5. Database
    • Relational Database Development and Management
  6. Other Skill Experiences


Master of Science in Computer Science, Jun. 2006

National Chung-Hsing University, Taiwan. GPA: 3.6/4.0

Bachelor of Science in Information Engineering, Jun. 2004

I-Shou University, Taiwan

Relevant Coursework

  • Computer Graphics, Advanced Computer Graphics, Non-Photorealistic Computer Graphics, Digital Image Processing, Pattern Recognition.
  • Information Network, Advanced Computer Network.
  • Algorithm, Information Security, Data-base System, System Management.
  • Master's Dissertation: A Steganographic Algorithm for 3D Polygonal Meshes in the Transform Domain.

Language Skills

English: TOIEC 615/990 (Sep, 2007)

Mandarin Chinese: Fluency

Taiwanese: Fluency


2001/9~2002/6 Equipment team leader of Yunlin & Chiayi Area Association in I-Shou University (ISU).
2000/9~2002/6 Equipment team leader of ISU Campus Network Association (ISUCNA).
1998/9~1999/6 Public relations team leader of National Chiayi Senior High School (CYSH) magazine.

Other Information

My Github is here.

My Blog about technology

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Brief Autobiography

If you are interesting to read the brief autobiography about me, please contact me.

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